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Operations Manager (Richmond, VA)

Oversee all business activities to ensure profitability, performance, and customer service 

levels are achieved in all aspects of variable operations and fixed operations. Report and 

analyze sales activities, potential sales, and performance data to measure productivity 

and goal achievement to determine areas of cost reduction and marketing program 

improvement. Direct and implement inventory strategies, price policies, discounts, and 

seasonal sales campaigns targeting holidays and other special days or events to ensure 

an increase in the customer base, competitive level, cost recovery, and profitability 

expected by the company. Oversee inventory procurement and review reports of the 

company’s inventory stock position for the purpose of procurement.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or Economics; M-F, 40 hrs./wk; Send 

Resume to Soykan Karail, Vice President, T-Mania Inc., 11500 Midlothian Turnpike, Ste 

676, Richmond, VA 23235.